Sports medicine means working with your doctor to ensure you avoid injuries while enjoying the lifelong benefits of your chosen physical activity. A pre-season physical exam rules out any underlying conditions that may interfere with performance, and diet and nutrition advice can help keep the participant healthy. Our doctors have years of experience helping athletes of all ages participate safely in physical activities.

Your Sports Doctors Are Here for You

Whether you’re coming in for your pre-season physical exam, or need care for a sprain, concussion or another injury, our doctors utilize years of experience in diagnosing and treating athletes. Our three locations offer convenient hours so that you can schedule your appointment around your busy practice schedule.

General Physical Exam

A pre-season physical exam helps pinpoint any concerns or injuries that could prevent future peak performance. This is also an opportune time to talk to your doctor about an exercise routine that will help you prepare for the season.

Diet and Nutrition

When you’re engaging in vigorous physical exercise regularly, it’s important to get the best possible nutrition to fuel your body. A high-quality, carb-heavy diet is encouraged. Protein should be taken in the form of food, not supplements, to help protect the kidneys and to provide the best nutrition. Our doctors will work with you to create a diet plan that meets your athletic needs.

Our Doctors

When you visit MedHelp, you’ll meet with doctors with years of experience in sports medicine. We can handle all of the non-surgical treatments available in the ER, including injury treatment, preventative medicine, and dietary advice. Also, our newest physician is a concussion expert if you or your child is involved in contact sports.

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Established in 1982, MedHelp’s physicians have been serving the Birmingham area for over 30 years. We have three convenient locations for patients. With MedHelp, you can train with confidence, knowing that the best possible medical support is available to you and your family. Come in and visit us today.